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Disc Duplication Market Holding Steady

Discs are obsolete, right?

It is what I am always hearing from my friends – and some of my colleagues too.

People are so used to streaming or downloading everything, they assume there is no use left for discs.

But the disc duplication market is still going strong.

A recent report from Future Market Insights, or FMI, gives us an in-depth look into this market for the next ten years.

What is Disc Duplication?

When content is copied from computers or other electronic devices to CDs, DVDs or Blu-Rays, it is referred to as disc duplication.

The average consumer may not have much use for disc duplication, since they can store data on hard drives. And if they do not want to hold onto much data, they can stream the content they want to access.

But entertainment and media companies are still heavily reliant on storing data using discs. Whether it is for promoting content, demos, selling movies and games or other purposes, these companies are still requesting disc duplication at promising rates.

Market Forecasts

While the FMI does expect a decline in the overall market value of the disc duplication market in the next ten years, the number is a lot lower than most would assume. The decline is predicted at just 4.9%. Given how quickly consumers are moving away from discs, it is a very promising sign for companies within this market.

The major growth in the market is coming from developing regions, media and entertainment companies, and the education sector. We already mentioned that media companies still require disc duplication at high rates. The same is true for the education sector, where discs are needed to duplicate content for showcasing to students, teachers or administrators.

Developing nations are another very interesting market. With media consumption on the rise in these areas, they are still disc-driven. Internet access and speeds are not comparable to developed nations in most of these areas, which is why people still prefer to consume their content through a hard copy.

Boosting Your Company Profile

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Promising Market Signs

Those who are involved with the disc duplication industry will be very excited by recent reports. The fact the market is set to grow, despite a public perception that discs are on the way out, is a very good sign.

While companies will need to make adjustments in the coming ten to fifteen years, the idea that it is a dying market may be very premature. There are still parts of the world, and specific sectors, where discs are highly valued. Companies that can successfully leverage these growing areas will have a promising decade.


Kenneth Wise

Kenneth Wise

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